Love the website!  I would love to see you, Keith, Wendell, Steve

and Mario play again!!!  DS

For real?  I like that!!  TN

U R an irreverent asshole.  LOL!!!!!!  SD

I remember you!  Going 100 mph with your hair on fire!  NM

I love the band website, hilarious!!  MB

The COO is good but you're GREAT!  FN

"Rock star!"  DR

I was looking at the FNG’s website. Can I buy an FNG’s Peace Tshirt? RO

I'm overdue 4 some FNGs at the O!  CW

COOL shades!  EP

Woo hoo!  I checked out the pics ...good stuff... u r a wild and crazy guy...rock on! SC

DAMN!!!!  You're an animal!!!  DC

You hang out with some pretty hot women from what I see on your site!  SS

You ROCK 'cause you are the KING!  AA

I've watched you over the last 9 years and saw what you had to put up with.  These

FNGs  are ALOT better and WAY more fun.  CF

This IS Rock!  You make me want to rock out!  RB

GREAT JOB last night!  We had a blast!  Keep rockin'!  GJ   

I came out and saw you guys.  You're tight.  DA

Rock on brah!  SL

I like your crazy glasses, guitars, shirts, jeans and lit up boots!  JH

U guys ROCK!  The best version of the FNGs yet!!!  BR


Finally the Oasis found a great band!  Where did u find the "new" FNGs?  NM

You guys are FN Awesome!!!  Peace, Love and FNGs!!!  BD

It was great to meet ya'll!  You guys really are FNGs!!!  Rock on!!!  AJ

Wow...Must be nice to be on the floor when you choose to be there.  CT

There are a 1000 hot chicks on your site!  BV

Nice crotch shot!  PJH

You are so crazy..........LOL!  Big R

Damn - don't see any "pleasure" about any of that!  LOL  Yea, check into that dude - would hate to see that happen to one of our favorite guitar players...  KR

Everyone just loved the band and had way too much fun!!!  KS

OK... I suspected & confirmed with Reggie - you're officially very "twisted".  LOL!!  KR

You are toooooooooooooooo much!!!  VV

I'm soooo bummed, I know ya'll will be awesome and I am missing out on some good dancing!!!  VS

I sure enjoyed watching you guys the other night.  Totally awesome time.  BA

HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I luv it!!!!!!!! Good one brah!!!!!!!!  CB

We had a blast last night... You guys are awesome!  JM

I saw you guys at Stumpy's.  You ROCK!  Btw cool website, very cool!!! definitely hope to see you guys soon!!!!  VG

We had the best time... Ya'll have some new best fans.  Thanks for everything!  MM

Y'all are just darn good!   Keep up the good music!  VK

WOW~!   AWESOME!!!  Right place, right time, RIGHT BAND!!!   ROCK ON!  MR


Pssssst...those FNG guys rock.  If you missed it Friday night shame on you...but not to worry...they will be back in due time.  I have this strange affinity for bands that come with built in audiences...rowdy...and thirsty.  That's the way I likes'em.  Anywho.....The FNG'S rocked our house and since I be de dude that makes the calendar...well...welcome to your new home boys.   TW

Nice show. You guys do it up right!  SD

Friday we have a new band that is going to rock your socks off.  The FNG's....decorum keeps me from repeating exactly what F N G stands for.  What I will say is do not miss this show Friday night.  It is going to be one of the best shows to ever be on  our stage.  I have not steered you wrong yet...well maybe once...ok twice..but this ain't gonna be one of them times....   W

You guys rock and you know it!!  PW

Sure was great meeting you and getting to see you play :)  YM

You are SO  good!  I am very proud of you.  EB

Oh, you might be surprised how many of us HAVE seen you!!  SD

I had a great time with you guys last night!  The band sounded very good and they are fun pickers.  I really liked them! EB

TOO COOL !!!  The hunka hunka FNGs ELVIS is the most Gorgeous !!  MJ

Dude… that’s whatever!  (ha ha)  MF

Verrry Cool!  Poster??  CT


Koooool…  DL

Oh, you might be surprised how many of us HAVE seen you!!  We can't wait 'til the party!  Loved you guys last year at Danette & Doug Anderson's party.  SDV

HAHAHAHA, you are crazy!!! EW

I checked out www. Wild and FUN! CT

We had a great time and we'll try to get to more gigs! JLA
I showed some of the Japanese employees the FNG website, and I think they are now scared of you.   JK

Clicks was a BLAST!  Everyone really enjoyed themselves... I
know Ed and I did.   The band was AWESOME!!  DW

Wow man!  That was awesome!  AJ

Thanks….You’re the greatest!!!  LA

Awesome!  I really enjoyed your band!  DA

That was fun!   Ya’ll sounded great!  LL

Y'all were absolutely AWESOME!!!  OR

Just stopping by to say hi - you guys are the greatest!!   LN

Hey there this is Lurch, great show the other night at Mc Carty's!  LD

Very cool...You guys are awesome!  RO

Excellent!  I had the best time…you guys rock!  AB

T'was quite entertaining!  MP


YEEE hAAAAWWWWV !!!  Now that kicks a##!!!  RA

I LOVE those pics.  Keep 'em coming!!!  CC

I came out for one drink and seven drinks later I wound up staying the whole show!  DC

We really enjoyed your music!  LM

You guys are so wild!!  The crowd loves your show!!  The FNGs excitement and energy are what fuels the audience.  Otherwise, it would be just another band...  DM

Will the FNGs be playing at the Oasis again this Saturday? Did great last week!
Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww, I’ll never eat spaghetti again! KR

Drive it like you stole it; and Bone it like you own it !!!! AR

Wooooohoooooo!!  Emersom good lookin girls on (your) website!  RR

AWESOME!   Truly  AWESOME!!!!!!!   ;-) KN

You guys are too too hot!!!!  These are some of the most interestingly awesome ways to do pictures!!!All of you guys look great!!!  RN

You guys are awesome!  It was a pleasure having you.  Great photos on the site!   LS

This ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAJ 

Very impressive… FNGs obviously got your STUFF together!!!!!  DK

II checked out your website and want to tell you how awesome it  is!  MM 

Ya’ll are ALWAYS good, you sounded especially good Sat night!  I WAS IMPRESSED! Please book more dates!

This website is waaaaay cooool !!  JI

Cooool pics!  You ROCK!  MB 

Whoa, brah! Cool stuff!!!  CM

WooHoo!!!   I had a blast on Saturday!  DF

You guys have great chemistry and you ROCK the house!   DW

That was the first time I saw The FNGs and had a really great time!  SH

I can not say enough that the band was AWESOME!!!   KAJ

Thank you!  Had a great time.  You guys are REALLY good!  SL

Crazy man crazy!!!!  Does that monster eat much ???  RA

Cool, man, cooool!  JW

Wow!  The pictures and website are great!  TD 

The pictures are great……Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MC

Good on Ya!  Has Bob told you that you guys are in the second segment of the first show?  It airs on

27 June 2005 on the Outdoor Channel at 3:30 pm.  Great stuff!  Thanks . . . and keep rockin!  SP

Great news!  Just think, Rock and TV stars!  Congrats!  BB

I just went & checked out the website.  I like the FUN PICS....those are cute...there are a lot of good ones out there!!!  JH

Great stuff on the website!  Great pics from the weekend too!!!   DM

 I love coming out to listen to ya'll!  I LOVE ROCK N ROLL>>>>  DB

Wow!  The site is soooo cool!!!  SM

I checked out your site!!!!. . .lots of COOL pics!!!!!!!  SL

The FNGs are the most FUN band in the universe!!!  LS

Cool !   Nice pics from the O!  RA

What a kick @ss  website!  KP

The FNGs are great because your energy, spirit and aura project fun!!!  DS

These guys are more fun than finding out who'll win American Idol. And they let me hold a guitar!  LS


I absolutely love those pics!! I have to ask if I can use them on our website. Christian Celinder

We had a blast last night!  Thanks!!!  MR

You guys are awesome and so much fun to watch!  Where did you get those crazy glasses?  V

OUTSTANDING!!!  Keep on rockin'!!!  TR

Your stage effects and presence are fantastic!!!  Remind me to drop some acid the next time you guys perform!  :  )  JK

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay to cool!!!  Awesome show!  KB 

I LOVE the photos of the band on the bikes for the front page of the site.  Awesome!  LAS

Thanks again for a great Friday night.  It was a BUNCH of fun!!  AE  

THANK YOU!  We truly enjoyed the evening with the band and friends.  EA

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo that's COOL!  KJ

You guys are great!  I love your music!  SL

Love those dreadlocks... DL

Too Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB 


 That’s awesome!  I live vicariously thru you…with your rock n roll lifestyle, groupies and…groupies. J 














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